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Message from Robert and Clary  

Thank you for visiting our website.  Our website is designed for those planning a similar trip, and for our friends and family to follow us.  Unlike the increasing number of commercial overlanders who are trying to sell stories, books, photos and other information via media such as Facebook and other travel forums, we travel the world for fun with no commercial interest.  98 % of the pictures that you see on our website are ours; when pictures are protected we do our best to acknowledge the name of the photographer, traveller or source, if not “BAD LUCK”.  We are not commercial overlanders, all we are trying to do is show off this beautiful world and the places to visit.

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Our Route, coloured coded for year of travel – zoom in for details

It has been a long journey, our journey of dreaming and our journey of planning. Travelling off road around Australia since 1984, during holidays and being a member of various 4WD clubs in Australia including the trip co-ordinator and organizer of hard 4WD trips and longer trips with the Toyota Landcruiser club of Brisbane, it was time to explore Australia’s outback in detail (4 year around Australia trip between 2004 and 2009). In this period, we started to dream about an Off-Road adventure around the world. We commenced the journey of our life around the world shipping our new truck at the end of 2009 from Brisbane (Australia) to Durban (South Africa). While waiting for the truck to arrive in South Africa we rented a 4WD travelling Kalimantan, Borneo, Saba and Brunei.

On January 10, 2010, when we awoke on the morning of our departure, we had a strange feeling when we left our house, knowing that we would not be back for at least nine months. (And the rush of excitement never changes every time we purchase a plane ticket, pack our bags and leave to explore unfamiliar territory).

That was a very special day. That was the first day of our planned 5 years around the world adventure. Our plan was to travel a maximum of 9 months per year to allow us to come home every year for 3 months, leaving our truck at the place we are visiting at that time.

It is now December 2017 and we have completed Stages 1 till 11 and have just started stage 12 of our around the world adventure covering 280000km (the equivalent of circumnavigating the world at the Equator more than 7 times), not including the 140000km we travelled around Australia between 2004 and 2009. Our 5 years around the world adventure has now changed to at least 20 years. This does not include Europe and another around Australia tour.

By the end of Stage 12, we will have visited more than 110 countries. The world has so many breathtakingly beautiful places and during our around the world 4WD adventure until now, we have been very privileged to have experienced so much of what these countries have to offer.

We have been exposed to many different cultures, scenery and beautiful people. For most part, the world we have travelled so far is a remarkably kind and benevolent place.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made Stages 1 till 11 of our 4WD adventure so fascinating and rewarding. From fellow travellers and gracious hosts in so many countries, to the myriad of locals who waved, smiled and welcomed us wherever we went, and to the 2615 friends, family and strangers who have followed our travels on-line and via our private mailing list.

Thank you all, we are grateful for the many ways in which you have enriched our journey and our lives. We look forward to many more years of travel.