Challenging Roads

Challenging Roads

Having travelled many roads as seen on the national geographic channel and other commercial channels called “The world most dangerous roads”. We done quite a few in Both Africa, Asia and hoping to do the one in South America. (the old Yungas Road also called the dead road) Many of them you can find on the Utube. Our experience has been a lot different having said this the biggest problem is the speed of which trucks and locals drive those roads with no fear and expecting you to stop. For us the biggest issues were overhanging rocks. However, imagine driving down a scenic road in some exotic country, when around the bend the railing disappears, and a truck is overtaking facing you head on?!?! That is what makes the roads so dangerous. Next the road narrows to practically a wheel track, and 1000 meters below you are truck or bus remains after it went over the edge. However, the biggest issues you will face rotten bridges, potholes, maniac drivers, deep ravines and no guard railings, bog holes & muddy tracks.

Some of the challenging roads in the world are

Karnali Highway (Nepal)

Van zijls Pass (Namibia)

Fairy meadows road (Pakistan)

Zoji Pass (India)

Sani Pass (South Africa) however I am told since 2011 the road has been widened and is being paved?

Karakorum highway also this road now has been upgraded and when we travelled the Karakorum from the Tibet Border until Gilgit all was perfect new paved road.

North Yungas Road (Dead Road) Bolivia



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