Singapore is just 135km north of the Equator and is a island of the coast of Malaysia connect by a bridge. But it is impossible to drive your own car in Singapore hence we decided to cross over from Johor Bahru. During my working life I had visited Singapore many times but being on holiday is very different. Despite its small size, Singapore has a lot of languages, religions and cultures. But English is the first language. In 1963 Singapore became independend from the United Kingdom. For us it always has been clear that those Singaporeans who speak English tend to support a western culture while those who speak Chinese support the Chinese culture. Those who speak Malay are supporting the Malay culture. (Islam) But most important all cultures seem to get on with each other. Singapore is a real cosmopolitan city clean vibrant and very westernized.

Did you know

  1. Singapore is the world largest oil rig producer
  2. Singapore has the 2nd largest casino gambling market in the world
  3. Singapore has the 3rd largest foreign exchange centre
  4. Singapore has the 3rd largest financial service