New South Wales

New South Wales and the ACT

The most populated state in Australia with a coast line of nearly 2000km and many summer holiday towns. However besides visiting Sydney with its famous Opera House, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the nearby Blue Mountains it has a lot more to offer.

Numerous National Parks and the Blue Mountains are the most favourite with its rock escarpments and deep valleys. Parks such as Wollemi are all a day trip away from Sydney, hence busy parks. The gorges around the Colo river are beautiful. The largest Park is Kosciuszko National Park which borders Victoria and the Alpine National Park. Further west is Mungo National Park. Other nice National Parks are Barrington Tops National Park, Yengo National Park, Myall Lakes National Park, Bundjalung National Park, Broadwater National Park and the border ranges National Park near the Queensland Border.


The Territory is home to the Snowy Mountains (Kosciusko National Park) and Mount Kosciusko, Australia’s highest mountain and some spectacular high country scenery. In winter this part is covered in snow and sking is the main form of activity while in summer, off roading, fishing, mountain biking, and horse riding are the main activities. Great camp spots along the Snowy River