Angola Highlights


Angola achieved independence in 1975 as a Marxist-Leninist one party republic. The country descended into a devastating civil war the same year, Fighting between the ruling peoples movement for the liberation of Angola (MPLA), backed by Russia and Cuba, the insurgent anti-communist National Union fr the total independence of Angola (UNITA), supported by the USA and South Africa and the militant organisation National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) backed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The country has been governed by MPLA ever since its independence in 1975. Following the end of the war in 2002, Angola emerged as a relatively stable country. The capital and most populated city is Luanda. Angola was one of the fastest growing economies in the world since the end of the war and has amazing mineral and petroleum reserves. However, economic growth is highly uneven, with most of the nation’s wealth concentrated in a disproportionately small sector of the population and highly concentrated in China and in the United States