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  1. GENERAL Information


  1. General Information

When we started our around the world overland adventure, we decided to do the (Supposed) difficult continents first Africa, Middle East, Asia, China, Russia. And the more civilized countries till last.

As it worked out the USA was more difficult than any of the 144 countries, we have done so far. (only Canada to go). Even China was easier to enter. Our visa was rejected based on our travels in the Middle 10 years earlier. But since that time, we had travelled to the USA numerous times and lately we travelled on an ESTA? It is absolute impossible to talk to some-one as all is online and you do not get a response. Seven months later we were asked to fly to Sydney for an interview. Living 4000KM North of Sydney it was an expensive exercise. After spending $3500 on flights, taxi hotel and food cost, the interview took 3 minutes. The piles of paperwork send was of no interest and once we showed our website all was approved. AMAZING

The United States of America the third largest country in the world by land consisting of 50 states and it includes 326 Indian reserves. Total population is over 334 million. Capital city is Washington with a population of 650000 and the largest city in the USA is New York with 8 million people, followed by Los Angeles just under 4 million.

With its enormous size and geographic variety, the United States includes most climate types. the climate ranges from humid continental in the north to humid subtropical in the south. The western Great Plains are semi-arid. Many mountainous areas of the American West have an alpine climate. The climate is arid in the Southwest, Mediterranean in coastal California. Most of Alaska is subarctic or polar and the southern tip of Florida is tropical.

Hurricanes and tornadoes occur in the southern and central part of the USA. Tornadoes occur mainly in Central USA also called Tornado Alley. Area’s part of Tornado alley are, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa.

The USA has many National Parks and hundreds of other federal managed parks and wilderness area’s nearly 30 % of the land is publicly owned.

 The United States, dusted with rugged splendour, boasts 63 magnificent national parks that stand as testaments to nature’s artistry. Choosing the best national park in the USA among these crown jewels is difficult.

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2.   VIDEO CLIPS  Western USA





Western USA Video Clip 1, Mexico Border to San Francisco


Western USA Video Clip 2 San Francisco to Portland.


Western USA Video Clip 3 Portland to Seattle

Western USA Video Clip 4. Seattle to Montana


Western USA Video Clip 5 Montana to Yellowstone and Teton National Park


Western USA Video Clip 6 Yellowstone National Park to Deadwood


Western USA video Clip 7. Deadwood to Rocky Mountains National Park


Western USA Video Clip 8 Rocky Mountains


Western USA Video Clip 9 Rocky Mountains to Arches National Park


Western USA Video Clip 10 Arches National Park to Canyon National Park


Western USA Video 11 Clip Canyon National Park to South West Colorado and 4 Corner region

Western USA Video Clip 12 4 corner Region to Zion National park


Western USA Video Clip 13, Zion National park to the Bonneville Salt Flats


Western USA Video Clip 14, Bonneville Salt Flats to Mammoth Lakes

Western USA Video Clip 15, Mammoth Lakes to Phoenix, via Yosemite National park, Death Valley and Las Vegas.