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Vietnam officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Its capital is Hanoi, and its largest city is Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Vietnam went through prolonged warfare through the 20th century. After World War 2, France returned to reclaim colonial power from which Vietnam emerged victorious in 1954. The Vietnam war began shortly after, during which the nation was divided into communist North supported by the Soviet Union and China, and anti-communist South supported by the USA. Upon North Vietnamese victory in 1975, Vietnam reunified and formed the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The war left Vietnam devastated, with the total death toll between 966,000 and 3.8 million. Unfortunately, we were not permitted entry with our Australian registered truck into Vietnam. However, were offered to leave our truck at the border and continue per bus. Which we declined. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world hosted with over thirteen million tourists in 2015. This is 30% up from previous years. Most tourist are from Europe and Australia. Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long and Ha Long Bay are in the top one hundred most visited cities in the world. Vietnam is also home to 8 UNESCO World heritage sites.