France Highlights


Officially the French Republic is a transcontinental country covering western Europe, the America’s, the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the French west Indies and Oceania. France has Land borders with Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Andorra, as well as Suriname and Brazil in the Americas. France is one of the most visited country in the world. It has everything that you could ever want to see on your holidays: a great city like Paris, good beaches, more monuments than any other country, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery, superb skiing year-round. Paris, also named the city of light. To many people is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and has a very romantic atmosphere. The Eifel Tower is the most famous monument in France an immense structure of exposed latticework made of seven thousand tons iron. At three hundred meters*1 or 320.75m including antenna, *one heights varies 15cm depending on temperature. Other statistics include: forty tons of paint, 1652 steps to the top, 2.5 million rivets.

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