Germany Highlights



Officially the Federal Republic of Germany, the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. It has land borders with Denmark, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, France Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. Germany one of the largest countries in Europe, it has a large variety of landscapes medieval villages and great cities such as Berlin and Munich. Famous rivers such as the Rhine River, Moselle Neckar, Main and Ruhr rivers all dotted with picturesque villages, medieval castles and one the oldest universities in Europe. All this results in a booming tourist industry bringing millions of visitors to Germany each year.

Germany it not an overland off-road destination, but while we crossed Germany on many occasions coming from Egypt (2016) West Africa 2011 and the Middle East (2010) using Europe to park our truck while we went home for a break, we made sure we visited some of the highlights.

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