Syria Highlights




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General info
Before the war Syria’s share in global exports has been declining since 2001. Unemployment was well above 10%. More than 13% of the people lived below the poverty line. Syria’s main exports include oil, raw cotton, clothing, fruits and grains. Syria is very much dependent on the oil and the agriculture sectors. The oil sector provided about 40% of export earnings. Syria’s main imports were raw materials for industry, vehicles, agricultural equipment, and heavy machinery. Earnings from oil exports were the most important sources of foreign exchange.
Since March 2011, Syria has been involved in an armed conflict. The war has killed more than 570,000 people and produced over 5 million refugees. The Syrian pound lost 80% of its value. Since the civil war began, the economy shrank by just under 50%. Between 2010 and 2012 overall export was down by 66% (12billion down to 4 billion)

Damascus and Aleppo are some of the oldest cities in western Asia, and Syria has (had) some of the best-preserved historical sites in this region. Unfortunately, many now have been destroyed. We have been very lucky to have seen them before they were destroyed. Tourism accounted for 16% of the economy in 2010 and growing rapidly.