Wildlife around the world

Africa is home to the world’s best wildlife and wild life viewing. Many countries around the world have established the tourism marketing around their wild life. Other countries very active in promoting wild life are India and Brazil. India now has over 90 National Parks and a few hundred wild life sanctuaries, promoting Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Indian Elephants, Indian Rhinoceroses, and many bird species. Brazil promotes the Amazon and Pantanal regions.

The Amazon has the world largest rodent, the capybara which fully grown weights around 90KG, it is home to fresh water dolphins, Sloths, anteaters and armadillos. In the Amazon region around 1500 different species of birds are found. The Pantanal is a huge landlocked river delta in the middle of South America covering Brazil-Paraguay and Bolivia. The area has species such as the Jaguar, Macaw, giant river otters, anteaters, capuchin and howler monkeys, capybaras, toucans, tapirs, the infamous anacondas and caimans.

Africa’s biggest problem is poaching in particular the Black Rhino-Gorilla’s and Elephants, we have been told at least 2 rangers are killed each week by poachers. We were told it is very difficult to get official figures relating to Poaching but Kenya arrested and prosecuted over 1600 Poachers in 2014, and in South Africa 386 poachers were arrested and prosecuted the same year. (133 of them were arrested in Kruger National park alone) plus another 47 where killed. In India 17 Leopards died due to poaching and another 30 from other causes, 38 elephants and 41 rhinoceros where poached in 2014.

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