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The slogan I copied from a very successful advertising campaign in Australia

It has been 19 years (January 2004) since we started our around the world adventure and what an experience we have had so far. Not all has been smooth sailing; there have been difficulties. But, as the cliche goes when you taste the bitter the sweet is oh so much sweeter! Being an overlander is challenging work although the best pay-off is the experiences of a lifetime you encounter every day. We love driving our overland truck through distant continents for many months on end discovering new countries and unknown cultures. On our overland journey we have seen so much and made so many friends. But looking on the world map, we realize that we have seen so little of the universe and there is still so much more to see. The first 16 years we travelled up to 11 months per year and spend the rest of the time at our home in Australia to prepare for our next journey and let all the new impressions sink in. 2020 has been an interesting year due to Corona, however despite Corona we were still lucky enough to travel in 2020 and 2021. Exploring Central America/Mexico. In April 2021 we arrived back home in Australia. To build our new house and July 2022 we continued our journey exploring Central America and Mexico.  Arriving back home again in Dec 2022 for a  5 month break and are back on the road again since end of April 2023 exploring Northern part of Mexico, Before we start exploring The USA mid 2023.

Did you know?


  1. The surface of the earth measures 510 million square kilometers.
  2. The 5 continents make up a total of 29.3 percent of the earth`s surface, that`s about 149 million square kilometers land area, the rest is occupied by the oceans, seas and islands.
  3. The water surface in contrary is about 361 million square kilometers, representing about 71 percent of total surface of the earth.
  4. About 7 billion people live on our planet.
  5. One-third of all people on our planet live in China and India.
  6. One percent of the world population lives In Australia and Oceania.

AUSTRALIA 2004 -2009

Part 1 Cairns to Darwin   2004

Part 2 Darwin to Perth via the canning stock route 2004-2005

Part 3 Perth to Adelaide via the Nullarbor off road tracks 2005

Part 4 Adelaide to Melbourne and Tasmania 2005-2006

Part 5 Tasmania, Victoria and Western New South Wales 2006

Part 6 South Australia-Simpson Desert-Len Beadell tracks in West Australia 2006-2007

Part 7 The Kimberleys–Tanami Desert-Alice Springs Arnhem land 2007l

Part 8 Central Australia-The gulf country-Cape York 2008

Part 9 Central Queensland-Fraser Island-Moreton island-Stradbroke Island 2008-2009


Stage 1 Borneo 2009

Stage 2 South Africa to Europe 2010 -2011

Stage 3 Europe to West Africa 2011

Stage 4 West Africa to North Cape 2011-2012

Stage 5 Russia to Mongolia 2012

Stage 6 Mongolia to Singapore (Via China) 2012-2013

Stage 7 Stan Countries-Tibet-Nepal  2013

Stage 8 India-Pakistan-Iran-Europe 2014

Stage 9 Winter trip Iceland-Southern Africa 2015

Stage 10 East Africa to Egypt 2016

Stage 11 Brazil-French Guyana-Suriname-Guyana 2017

Stage 12 Argentina-Chili-Bolivia 2018

Stage 13 Bolivia,Peru, Ecuador, Colombia 2019/2020

Stage 14. Colombia-Mexico 2020

Stage 15. Mexico-Guatemala 2020-2021

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OVERLAND AUSTRALIA;  https://youtu.be/bJI4Hl25mmk

OVERLAND AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST; https://youtu.be/de5lrRS6SHs


OVERLAND THAILAND TO EUROPE;  https://youtu.be/zFDEwRkfdiw

OVERLAND SOUTH AMERICA PART 1;  https://youtu.be/w3AMTxSOhU0






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