This Alaska tour was done in a hire 4WD  and motorhome from fairbanks. Denali national park by bus as access to the park was not allowed by private car

Alaska, was purchased by The USA in 1867 for 7 million dollars. Located in the far North West of North America the state lies mostly north of the 60th parallel. Our visit was a mix between cruising and off roading and motorhome driving. In Alaska’s hearthland not only find Alaska’s highest peak but also Denali National park. This area is teeming with wildlife. Around the area are many gold mines. The south East of Alaska is home to over 50% of the population, easy accessible with a good road system and some great scenery in the Kenai Fjords National park. Homer is a charming colourful town overlooking Kachemak Bay. The local four-wheel drive people told us that in winter it is possible to reach Nome and Barrow by well-equipped 4WD vehicle but being July (summer) for us the only option was to fly and rent a 4WD local. The town of Barrow is the most Northern most city in the United States, right on the Arctic ocean. It has the coldest temp in the state, is dark up to 3 months of the year and 24-hour day light 4 months of the year. To top it off it can snow every month of the year. Barrow is just under 2000KM from the North Pole and has a population of around 4000 people. Nome on the West Coast of Alaska located on the Bering is just over 200 Kilometres from Russia. (Siberia) Like Barrow, Nome is shabby with lots of ATV-Snowmobiles-and wrecked vehicles, but it has a great gold rush history and still attracts many miners looking for gold. Leaving Alaska, we followed the inside passage also known as the marine highway, connecting all islands all the way down to Vancouver. This will allow you to take your vehicle to all the islands and remote parts on the coast. Great towns with shops, nice little restaurants and great pubs to meet the locals. Not to mention brilliant glaciers, bear spotting and lots of historic towns bringing back the gold rush boom.

Alaska is on the agenda as the end of our around the world tour but this is still 6 or 7 years from now.  (2018)


Photos last visit 2002