Explore this region:

Asia the world most diverse and populated continent. It reaches from Istanbul to Saigon. A continent with lots of mystery, culture and ancient highlights. To name a few Bhaktapur in Kathmundu, The great wall in China, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, Potala Palace in Tibet, Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Taj Mahal in India, historic trade routes like the Silk Route, Samarkant in Uzbekistan, The Nadaam Festival in Mongolia. The great scenery and snow-capped mountains and inhospitable mountains of Nepal,Tjajikistan,Tibet and Pakistan, The great remote tropical beaches of Borneo, Thailand and India. The Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Thick rain forest, unbelievable friendly locals, The beautiful Mekong river and thick jungle, The variety in food from perfect satay in Malaysia to red hot curries in India. Eat with your fingers or chopsticks? Be amazed by the difference between rich and poor.

Some facts about Asia

  1. It has the lowest (Dead Sea 430meters below sea level) and highest point on earth (Mt Everest 8850 meters)
  2. The longest coast line
  3. Largest variety in climate
  4. The world deepest Lake (Lake Baikal 1620 meters deep)
  5. Two thirds of the world population lives in China and India?
  6. India and China are the 2 largest economies in the world

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