BORNEO 2009                                                                                           

The start of our around the world adventure

Waking up on the morning of our departure we had a strange feeling leaving our house, knowing we will not be back for at least nine months. The total duration of our world adventure is around five years and we are planning to come home every year, leaving our truck at the place we are visiting at that time. It never changes, the rush of excitement we get every time we purchase a ticket, pack our bags and leave to explore unfamiliar territory. This time, it is even more special. Today is the first day of a 5-year around the world adventure. While our 4X4 Motor home is en route from Singapore to Durban, we decided to cover Borneo overland as it is not included in our 5-year plan. We organized a 4WD in Kuching and we are driving the car to Kota Kinabalu. Borneo is also home to the Borneo Safari. This event attracts many drivers from around the world and yours truly would have loved to be one of them in the previous years, but work commitment never permitted that. Our flight today is Cairns-Sydney-Kuala Lumpur-Kuching (Borneo)