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Denmark is the most southern country in Scandinavia. Something not many people know is that both Greenland and the Far Oer islands are part of Denmark. It is not an overland destination but for those en route to Iceland (Ferry) Far Oer Islands (Ferry) or Sweden you have to cross Denmark. Denmark has a very high standard of living. Another interesting fact is that Denmark is made up of over 400 islands, around 75 are populated. The part was is connected to mainland Europe is Skagen and this is where the ferry to Iceland and the FarOer islands leaves from (Hirthals) Seeland is the largest island and this is where the capital Copenhagen is located this island accounts for nearly 50% of the population of Denmark. Just over 2 million live in Copenhagen alone.


With temperatures down to minus 22 Degrees Celsius in Holland, it has given us a taste of things to come. As we were travelling through Germany, it didn’t take long before we encountered more snow making the freeway to Denmark very slippery. First stop in Denmark was Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark founded by the Vikings in the year 710, Due to road closures bad weather snow and ice we arrived in Kobenhavn a few days late. Due to falling ice, the bridge to Sealand was closed, so we were forced a detour and had to use the Ferry – 75 Euro and a waiting time of nearly 2 hours.

“Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen”. The four most famous attractions in the city are: Tivoli, the 100-year-old amusement park; The statue of The Little Mermaid, (Hans Christian Anderson wrote the fairy tale about her, Disney produced the movie and Copenhagen maintains the statue in her honor), being the winter season, Tivoli was closed. The Freetown of Christiania; and last but not the least, the Royal Castle where we witnessed the changing of the guard. Unfortunately, the canal tours were not operating due to the canals and the harbor being almost frozen over. We used a tunnel and a bridge to get to Malmo. This cost us another 78 Euro one way. As we travelled further north, the snow became deeper and the weather, although sunny, was crisp.


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