Gibraltar located at the southern tip of Spain The landscape is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, at the foot of which is a densely populated town area, home to over 32,000 people. The whole area is just over 6 square km. In the the town centre, you will be surrounded by Gibraltar’s history and culture, whether it’s the buildings, people or a specific event taking place. look at some of Gibraltar’s street art, hidden around the street corners as you meander down to Casemates Square. Perhaps Gibraltar’s most important tourist attraction, the Barbary Macaques (Apes) are normally found in North Africa. They are wild animals, they may react violently and have been known to attack and inflict serious bites. Other places to visit are Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park, they care for exotic animals confiscated by Gibraltar customs Catalan Bay A picturesque village by the sea located on the east side of the Rock, is a small bay and fishing village in Gibraltar on the eastern side of the Rock away from the main city. Sandy Bay

A secluded beach with orange sand from the Sahara. Eastern Beach a sandy beach, the largest on the Rock and is located on the Mediterranean coastline of Gibraltar. This bathing area is unique for a couple of reasons. It extends to the runway of Gibraltar’s International Airport and bathers are treated to witnessing flights landing and departing as they swim! Furthermore, this unique setting is also dominated by the Rock’s majestic north face, metres away from the beach itself.