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General Information

People see Kenya as a wildlife (very expensive) and beach destination. However, we believe the smaller unspoilt villages with local lifestyle and culture are the biggest highlights in Kenya.  The village experience in Kenya reflects the purest forms of traditional culture of the 42 tribes of Kenya. You could travel up north to the lake shores of Lake Turkana, at the El Molo villages and understand the mystery and strange lifestyles of the smallest tribes of Kenya, or to western Kenya to the Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village, ancestral home to the first black President of the US, Barack Obama. Better yet, the historic ruins of Swahili villages, Gede ruins down South and the Samburu woman’s village enroute to Marsabit.

Kenya is a lower-middle-income economy. Its economy is the largest in eastern and central Africa, with Nairobi serving as a major regional commercial hub. Agriculture is the largest sector; tea and coffee are traditional cash crops, while fresh flowers are a fast-growing export. The service industry is also a major economic driver, particularly tourism. Most of the country’s business is in private hands. (with a large amount of foreign investment) The country’s ability to industrialize has been slowed down, due to limited domestic purchasing power, shrinking government budgets, increased external and internal debt, poor infrastructure, and massive governmental corruption and mismanagement. Kenya’s economy continued to be dominated by the external market; tourism and agricultural exports were still the 2 major sources of foreign exchange for the country.