Southern Africa Highlights

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The Southern most region of the Africa continent. The terrain of Southern Africa is varied, ranging from mountains, forest, grassland to deserts. The Kalahari Desert forms the central depression of the Southern African plateau. Southern Zimbabwe and much of South Africa are within a region of scrublands and grasslands known as the veld. To the southeast of the veld is the Drakensberg range, which includes the region’s highest peak—Lesotho’s Mount Ntlenyana, at 3,482 metres. In Namibia, the coastal margin includes the extremely dry Namib desert, which, in the south, merges eastward into the great sandy expanse of the Kalahari. There are many large national parks and game reserves in the area as well as smaller ones, most located in the open or partially wooded plains. Lately several trans frontier parks were opening, including the amazing Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park and Limpopo Trans frontier park. Mixed with amazing wildlife, culture and bush camping a must do easy to access destination.