Swaziland Highlights

KINGDOM OF ESWATINI.                                                                                   


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Eswatini, officially Kingdom of Eswatini, previously called Kingdom of Swaziland, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa bordered by Mozambique to its North East and South Africa to its North, West and South. At no more than 200 kilometres north to south and 130 kilometres wide Eswatini is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Foreign aid is a major contributor to the capital or development budget, providing a buffer to help meet any deficit in revenue. The formal employment sector is unable to absorb the annual increment of new workers generated by the country’s high population growth rate. Many workers, mostly men, are forced to seek employment as migrant workers, predominantly in South Africa. The largest agro industry is the cultivation of sugarcane and the manufacture of sugar. Also, of major commercial importance are the extensive man-made forests of pine and eucalyptus (in the Highveld), which supply timber to a wood pulp mill and several sawmills. Unbleached wood pulp is the country’s second largest export after sugar. The area under timber plantations is about 6 percent of the country’s total area. Other important crops are citrus fruits and cotton (Lowveld), pineapples (Middleveld), rice, tobacco, and vegetables.

As one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa, culture and heritage are deeply engrained in all aspects of Swazi life, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all overlanders. Rich culture, overwhelming friendly people,  stunning scenery of mountains and valleys, forests and plains, plus wildlife reserves across the country that are home to The Big Five are all on offer in one of the smallest countries in Africa. A tiny country with a big heart and warm, friendly people aptly describes Eswatini (Swaziland) – a country that is one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa and embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions.