Pakistan Highlights





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General Information

The surprise package in Asia, Pakistan has diverse cultures, people, and landscapes. Since the 1970s when the country received unprecedented numbers of foreign tourists, tourism has declined due to political unrest. The country now only attracts few tourists. Pakistan’s tourist attractions range from the mangroves in the south to the Himalayan Mountains in the North East. The northern part of Pakistan has many old fortresses, examples of ancient architecture, and the Hunza and Chitral valleys, home to the small pre-Islamic Kalasha

Pakistan has historically and culturally been associated with its neighbours Iran, Afghanistan and India. Since Pakistan and India achieved independence in 1947, Pakistan has been distinguished from its larger south-eastern neighbour by its overwhelmingly Muslim population (as opposed to the predominance of Hindus in India). From independence until 1971, Pakistan consisted of two regions—West Pakistan and East Pakistan, located more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) to the east in the vast delta of the Ganges-Brahmaputra river system. In response to grave internal political problems a civil war in 1971 erupted, East Pakistan was proclaimed the independent country of Bangladesh. Pakistan is now the worlds 6th most populated country with nearly 215 million people. We never expected Pakistan to be so full of beautiful landscapes and hospitable people. Pakistan for us was a surprise and we will be back.