Austria Highlights



Officially the Republic of Austria is a landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe Austria has land borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, and Hungary. Did you know Hitler was born Austrian not German? Austria is all about amazing scenery, beautiful lakes, and stunning mountain ranges as well as lovely wine regions and national parks featuring diverse landscapes. Austria’s six national parks to discover nature in its original, untouched state and scenic beauty. The area’s rich, beautiful landscapes including the Weissee Glacier, Pasterze glacier (Austria’s biggest glacier, where you will catch an icy breeze even at the height of summer), and Europe’s highest waterfalls, the Krimml falls. Austrian animal species can be found in the mountains, including golden eagles, chamois, and marmots. Winter in Austria, the beauty of Austria’s mountainous landscape knows no bounds and with its abundance of high-quality ski resorts. Optimal snow conditions, all amongst some of the most beautiful mountains and scenery in the world.

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